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We hope we’ve answered all of your questions, but if you still have a few, please check the listed Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) below:

Do you provide residential services?
No, we only provide cleaning and COVID disinfection services mainly for federal buildings
and commercial sites.
What is your response time to provide COVID disinfection services?
Our team responds with.a sense of urgency therefore we will be at your site between 4-8 hours.
What Chemicals Do You Use?

We use only Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) List-N disinfectants: EvaClean PurTabs and Virex III 25

What is your COVID 19 disinfection process?
We follow a multi-stage step-by-step protocol for deep cleaning and disinfecting, which includes but is not limited to: site risk assessment, pre-disinfection fogging, deep cleaning and disinfecting, post-cleaning validation testing, and follow-up reporting.
How long will the room remain vacant after COVID disinfection?
It is safe for occupants and staff to return after 12 hours.
Can you clean multiple buildings?
Yes, our janitorial services can be tailored to fit your specific needs.
Are you a 8-A Better Business Bureau

Yes!!! We are very proud of our 8A Certification. We are a professional organization that is enrolled in System for Award Management (SAM) and we are available to compete for any contracting program. We provide professional service and well known in the community 

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