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Anti-Static, HEPA, True Data Center Cleaning

Aloha Systems Inc. understands the impact proper data center cleaning has on your environment. We employ only highly trained and experienced data center cleaning technicians which most of our staff hold secret and/or top-secret level clearances. This allows us to clean in all levels of secure government environments. We utilize equipment and chemicals developed specifically for computer room environments. Our full-service after- action reports provided after your cleaning will cover all important areas of your data centers physical environment, from particle counts to sub-floor barrier integrity and everything in between.

Cleaning is not limited to data centers! Nearly all your environments can benefit from a cleaning including network control areas, UPS rooms, server rooms, telecom rooms, raised floor areas (sub-floors) and any critical environment technology facility.

Service Provided

No job is too big or small for Aloha Systems Inc. We are designed to meet all of your needs servicing various types of large and small scale equipment. Just to name a few that we service and repair: 

Data Center Cleaning

Subfloor Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

Interior Server / Equipment Cleaning

Testing and Air Quality Certification

Consulting Services

Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, or Daily Maintenance

Why should I hire Aloha Systems Inc.?

Because we understand thar your data center is crucial to your company’s lasting success—and so is keeping this important area clean and in working condition with minimal downtime. Unfortunately, many building maintenance companies lack the skills, equipment, and expertise needed to care for these areas effectively and safely. Listed below are several reasons you should hire a specialized cleaning company for your data center cleaning needs:

Specialized Training

One of the best reasons to hire a data center cleaning company is the in-depth training their staff receives. Individuals who work for such specialized cleaning services are continually trained on proper procedures, ensuring they are up to date on technological developments and know how to safely and effectively clean around important equipment.

Equipment Awareness

Data center cleaning companies don’t just clean your computer floor; they also inspect and clean underfloor areas to ensure your IT equipment is in good shape. Quite often, this thorough cleaning of hidden computer components reveals critical problems that need immediate attention from your IT team, helping you resolve maintenance issues before they become even bigger problems.

Additional Services

With their specialized training, data center cleaning professionals can also provide additional services that benefit your entire company

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