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Aloha Systems Inc. (ASI) will mobilize and be onsite within 8 hours of any exposure notification from your facility, to follow a multi-stage disinfection process consisting of the initial risk assessment, planning, and execution of our company disinfecting protocols and post disinfecting independent validation testing. ASI protocols are developed by following CDC  guidelines for cleaning and disinfection of COVID exposed facilities. Our key personnel is Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) certified remediation experts which ensures the highest level of service and safety to our clients.  

Covid Deep Cleaning Service Areas

Areas included but not limited to the following:

Interior/Exterior door handles

Handicap buttons at the public restroom

All waiting room chairs, interview rooms,

Conference/training rooms, cubicles & offices,

Surfaces at the reception desks

All work surfaces in the cubicles

Blinds, doors, walls, ledges

Phones, monitors, printers & copiers

Toilet Clean

Frequently Ask Questions

our primary goals are to provide prompt, efficient, cost-effective services that will allow facilities to stay open or reopen during this COVID-19 pandemic. Below you will find our unique ASI GBAC certified protocols for cleaning and disinfecting facilities.
Multi Phase Disinfection Process

Our Disinfection Process is broken into five stages:

  1. Site Risk Assessment- Our respiratory trained and GBAC certified key personnel will perform a site risk assessment to determine what risks to staff from COVID exposure
  2. Pre-Disinfection Foggin- Our team will enter the facility and begin by installing a containment zip wall, when necessary, to concentrate disinfectant to only the affected area.
  3. Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting-After the pre-disinfection is completed, our personnel will perform a complete deep clean wipe down of the facility utilizing Virex II 256
  4. Post-Cleaning-Validation Testing-The next step will be post-disinfection environmental testing performed by ALS Environmental Lab testing in Houston, Texas.
  5. FOLLOW-UP REPORTING: The client will receive an after-action report (AAR) from ASI detailing the course of action taken during the disinfection process, along with special recommendations.

Certified Workers

ASI’s key personnel are GBAC Certified
COVID Remediation Technicians with a licensed background of 20 years dealing with emerging
respiratory viral pathogens

Fooger Process
Our fogging process is designed to significantly reduce any settled or active airborne fomites within the facility. Workers deploying the atomized disinfectant through the fogging machines must wear full PPE, including a full face mask to avoid overexposure to finely atomized disinfectant.

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